Kind Words

What I find so helpful is your ability to keep us moving and breathing in a flowing, natural manner throughout the class, from the first minute until we settle into our final resting pose. The movement sequences you have created develop gradually and gently progressing from simple to slightly more challenging sequences; they are enough to challenge me physically, but not so challenging that I cannot do it. I love the repetition of each movement sequence, as it gives me a chance to find my own speed and to coordinate my breath with my movements. When I leave your class I always feel energised, but also calm and centred. I feel as though I have spent an hour meditating through movement, which is the form of meditation that works best for me. Attending your Yoga Gently class has helped me cope and keep my head above water during this very difficult and challenging time of my life, and I feel grateful and lucky to be able to do it every week.
Practising yoga with Sue is a joy. Her classes leave me with a real sense of well-being; I feel gently stretched, energised and focused. Despite the fact that I’ve been a student for many years, I find that I absorb something new with each practice and the time just flies by. Recently I’ve been able to attend more often, and I have definitely felt the benefit. My body feels stronger and various aches and pains have been eased. Zoom classes work really well – Sue demonstrates clearly and pays close attention to all of us.

“It is not that the person needs to accommodate him or herself to yoga, but rather the yoga practice must be tailored to fit each person”

TKV Desikachar