What to Expect

This is a flowing style of yoga (vinyasa) which links movement to breath.

The conscious connection to the breath is what sets yoga apart from other forms of bodywork.

In a vinyasa practice, the movements are linked to a smooth steady breath and there is an unmistakable slowing down and a deeper connection to the body. Breath body and mind become one and the practice becomes like a meditation in movement.

This helps to de-stress, to re-energise and calm the nevous system and help clear the mind.

There are two class styles available:

Active Flow Yoga/Vinyasa for All

This breath led practice builds gradually and will include Sun Salutations and variations, with the aim of targeting tension, building strength and flexilbity in mind and body. It will help to de-stress, re-energise and calm the nervous system.

Gentle Flow/Yoga Gently

For those who would like to practice gently but still engage the whole body. The emphasis is on releasing tension and encouraging joint mobility. It will include relaxation and breath led meditation. It will help to de-stress, re-energise and calm the nervous system.

“We do yoga to take care of ourselves, to keep ourselves well” 

Gill Lloyd

Classes are designed around the principles taught by TKV Desikachar. Great care is taken in the placement of the poses to ensure you are adequately prepared for all that is taught in a step by step way. Beginning gently and building gradually.

Each pose compliments the one before it and the postures are placed in a specific order to maximise the potential of the practice and ensure it is safe.  Postures are often practiced dynamically, moving in and out of the pose a few times times to warm up the body and prepare for holding.

Modifications and alternatives are given so that each person can build the practice to suit their needs at all times. Verbal adjustments are offered rather than physical adjustments.

For more information, do contact me.

“My favourite part of this tradition is the respect for the individual. It is a sensitive method. It does not prescribe one set of movements. It evolves over time and is multidimensional so absolutely everybody can have a useful, potent, personalised practice. I feel this makes it accessible to all ages, abilities and stages of life”

Gary Kraftsow